Accepting Change in 2020

By September 29, 2020 3 Comments

I started this calendar year with a lot of inertia, speeding forward on my chosen route toward success within the large corporation where I worked.  My original mental GPS showed this road to be a straight, clear, well-paved highway.

However, 2020 soon turned out to be a steep, rocky hiking trail. I was aggressively focused on checking off all the steps I needed to secure a promotion.  My husband, Devin, Chief Resident of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at a local military hospital, was also working diligently toward achievement within his own profession.

Suddenly, it seemed like my journey had come to a halt.  My four-year old son, Andrei, became extremely ill and was diagnosed with leukemia in February.  We began his three-year treatment plan with Andrei in the hospital for 20 solid days.

Devin and I floundered as we learned to care for his health while still meeting the needs of our active toddler son, Nolan.  

At a time when we would usually rely heavily on family for help, my mother was also diagnosed with breast cancer within the same month. COVID-19 lockdowns started and we struggled to make sense of our reality within a whole new context.

Looking back, I know that my professional career goals did not come to a standstill while I took a step away to care for my family. I was still hiking through life with as much motivation as ever, but the path just wasn’t what I had planned.

The same changes that took me away from my former career goals also took me down a fortunate detour to finding my current leadership position as CEO of Media Digital Source. 

It was a side path I would not have chosen to explore if I were still using cruise control on the highway I thought I wanted to travel. 

This year’s unpredictability has been perplexing for many professionals and entrepreneurs who are working to find a successful path through 2020 for themselves and their businesses. 

We often think that staying motivated means “keeping your eye on the prize,” or becoming hyper-focused on lists of goals.  But often, motivation is best fostered by accepting change and embracing new opportunities.


  • Steve Gold says:

    I believe you inherited your mother’s spirit, drive and faith; we went all through grade school together, and she has always had a positive attitude and outlook on life. As another friend of my family once told my father when he was facing a recurrence of cancer, “Life is tough mile by mile… But, inch by inch, life is a cinch!”

  • Rene says:

    Excellent article. Nice intro for you as new CEO
    BUSINESS seems quite appropriate given the current situation. As most people are working from home you have a somewhat captured audience

    Good luck to you
    old friend of your mother

  • Janet Werner says:

    Beautiful story. Thank you for your inspiration.

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